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Here at Little Legs Ranch we have a variety of operations!  We strive for perfection when looking at ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We ensure that we have healthy and happy livestock throughout our 35 acre micro-ranch.  We have pasture raised chickens that supply us, and possibly you, with delicious eggs!  We also stay busy constructing custom outdoor farm furniture and implements.  Come visit us soon at Little Legs Ranch!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats - Pasture Raised Eggs - Farm Made Goat's Milk Soap - Custom Farm Fabrication Essentials

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Check out our herd book featuring American Dairy Goat Association registered, pure-bred Nigerian Dwarf goats!

Fresh from the pail, our goat's milk is used to create luxurious farm made soap from scratch! Check out or scent of the month!

At Little Legs Ranch we have free range chickens who supply us with amazing eggs.  We also deliver within the Greeley and Loveland area for an additional $1 fee. 

We’re proud to offer custom fabricated farm essentials! We build outdoor furniture and accessories made to last and withstand the toughest environments.  We build everything from swinging benches to rotating composters for your garden.  Reach out to us and we can make your fabrication dreams a reality. 


Little Legs Ranch

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