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Goats For Sale

Little Legs Ranch retains the right to withhold or retract sales of any animal to any individual, even if a deposit has been made. Our top priority is our animals' safety and well being in their future homes. Animals need to have proper feed, containment and housing to thrive as well as a disease free environment, attention and best regards; no exceptions. 

All sales are final, except in the event there is a physical disability/deformity inhibiting a normal life, or,  veterinarian proven breeding deficiencies. In either event, we will replace the animal with another of equal value to your liking or seek alternative accommodation. Other situations or conditions may apply, and are based exclusively on circumstantial basis.


We reserve the right to FIRST BUYBACK if you decide to sell our animals after purchase at anytime. Contact us directly. 


Once any animal leaves the property, it is up to you to maintain its health. We are not liable for the animal(s) once they leave our farm as many factors apply to the health and well being of said animal(s).​

Our herd has always tested negative for CAE. No other diseases or viruses have been presented within our herd. We encourage goat buyers and breeders to test, cull, and keep a disease free farm at all times to prevent the spread of contagious and degenerative diseases.

Our goat kids are dam raised while also being subjected to constant human interaction. Dam raised goat kids are healthier, have better coats, and learn important skills that only other goats can teach them!

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